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The following is a sampling of some of my cartography works. 


A map showing bombing raids during the Vietnam war. The purple clusters are point files representing individual bombing raids during the war. I uploaded a .csv file which had the X & Y coordinates of each raid. In Pro you can use a geoprocessing tool that converts .csv tables into shapefiles. Once the bombing runs were displayed it was just a matter of using the symbology tools to make it look pretty and adding some informative text.


A map showing the potential of solar energy output per building in Wellington, New Zealand. The average yearly potential was a polygon dataset where each polygon was the extent of a particular buildings roof. Once the dataset was loaded, it was simple enough to symbolize them by kwh/m2 based on their attribute tables. 


A map of the Darwin area. The purpose of this map is simply to be a pretty map.  Using the appearances tab to edit the labels I was able to curve the river name labels to follow the trajectory of the rivers. At the start of the project the area was very cluttered with lots of labels for tiny towns around Darwin. To make the map look nice I had to make calls on what communities were small enough to justify having their labels removed from the map. I made that choice under the assumption that the map would be for people outside of the Darwin area. I also styalized the text in the National Parks so that they spanned the entire area of the park.


A timber type map of sorts. Not the kind you would see if the forestry industry, but it gives you an accurate sense of what trees you could expect to see on a walk about Selkirk College's Castlegar campus. It is a very simple map for a very simple purpose with a smaller inset map in the corner showing where it is relative to the larger area.

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